About me

A designer with a good art sense. A toy lover and with a pure heart. An idealist and would never tolerate with imperfectness.

Ryann’s expertise is in business & product design, mobile interface design, design operation and precesses, design system, and art direction.

He is now working with a Celcom Axiata as Service Design Lead, defining logic and flows for new products, take charge of design and developments of multiple new products, propose design solutions, governing design team of 11, and report to the Head of Design.

He doesn’t talk much because he believes action speaks louder than words.

Experience / Education

[2018 - Present] Service Design Lead | Celcom Axiata

Managing a design team of 11, doing UIUX governance across 4 digital products, involve heavily in company's digital transformation as well as business and product design.

[2017 - 2018] Senior UX Designer | Big Dutchman International

Help setting up a standard of procedure for the design team, take charge of design and developments for mobile, web applications and industry controllers.

[2015 - 2017] UIUX Designer | Herbalife International

Dedicated UIUX Designer under Bizworks vertical, defining logics and flows for new reports, playing an important role during the revamp period for the vertical; The only designer who was hired out of the states with understanding of Asian cultures, taking role in managing design localization for APAC products roll outs.

[2012 - 2015] Web, UIUX Designer | Astro Digital

Passionate designer who design and maintain Astro and Maxis digital products, high performer with 4.9 out of 5 in KPI rankings. Key designer for Astro Companion and Academi Fantasia mobile apps, was sent to Red Apes HK to follow up with the development and picked up new style sheet language (SASS), KT to the team right after.

[2012] UIUX Designer / Mobileads.com

Learnt and picked up most of the UX skill with the japan public listed company funded startup. Brainstorming functions and features for an online ad creator tool. Facilitate strategic online marketing plan to assist the sales process.

[2010 - 2012] Web Designer / Qinetics Solution Bhd

Started as a web designer, maintaining Berjaya Groups websites like Krispy Kreme, Papa johns, Berjaya Bcard and so; Same time managing webnic.cc, global B2B domain name and services provider who manages >4000 resellers and >1000000 domains across 60 countries. Was later been relocated into a new division to initiate new groupon business called jackcow.com, It was once top 5 out of 40 same variety websites back in 2010.

[2008 - 2010] Web Designer / Loki Media

Join the interesting agency right after graduation, dealing interesting projects with famous brand such as Delicous Group, Ms,Read, Lasenza, Gaps and so; Trained up a good art sense and precious experiences communicating clients.

[2005 - 2007] The One Academy of Communications

Diploma in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia major in Multimedia and Communication Design

Skills / Tools

  • Business & Product Design
  • Design Operation
  • UX Governance
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Design System
  • Mobile Design
  • Art Direction
  • Wire-framing
  • Prototyping
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • Responsive Framework
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Uxpin
  • inVison
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Affinity
  • Sublime
  • Visual Studio

I am Available

For freelance and permanent position, contact me.

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